Fire Safety Engineering

IGnesis Consultants Pte Ltd.

Educational Facilities Campus – CFD Model

IGnesis Consultants Pte Ltd.

Hospital Campus – Computational Assessment of Emergency Elevator Evacuation

Ignesis is a pioneer in fire safety engineering consultancy services in Singapore and the region. We are equipped with the tools of the trade: advanced fire and smoke modelling techniques, structural fire modelling expertise, egress modelling skills and hands-on experience in risk and safety assessment. With our experience and understanding of fire safety issues, we are able to provide a fire safety engineering design that utilizes innovative fire engineering solutions and strategies for projects of all types. Fire Safety Engineering (FSE) Design is better able to meet the architectural aspirations and functional requirements of the development whilst attaining a high level of life safety, property protection and business continuity. The use of fire engineering may also sometimes offer a comparatively economical solution compared to a strictly prescriptive design.

Ductless Jet Fan System – CFD Airflow Modelling

Dynamic Evacuation Simulation

Our directors, who are registered Fire Safety Engineers with the Singapore Civil Defence Force, are privileged to have been:

  • Winners of Fire Safety Excellence Design Award 2014
  • Er Henry Ho is a past member of the Inquiry Panel for Fire Safety Engineers appointed by Ministry of Home Affairs
  • Er Henry Ho is a member of working committee which developed the Singapore’s 1st Fire Safety Engineering Guidelines
  • Dr Tay is a key member of the working committee which develop fire safety requirements to facilitate the use of plastics, culminating in a circular on the Use of Plastics that was issued by SCDF in 2014. This project was awarded by MTI as the “Best Pro-Enterprise Suggestion Award (Supporting Agency)”
  • IGnesis provides technical support to Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to the ‘Life Safety and Structural Fire Safety of Mega Underground Caverns in Singapore’ national research project. This is a multi-agency effort to develop an integrated, cost effective solution to ensuring structural fire safety and life safety of occupants in underground structures

Our services in Fire Safety Engineering include:

  • Performance-based fire safety design
  • Fire Safety Review to Singapore Fire Code, NFPA & other national Fire Codes
  • Fire Safety Audits
  • Fire Risk Assessment / System Assurance
  • Design of Fire Safety Systems
  • Engineered Smoke Control Design
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics of Fire / Smoke Movement
  • Computational Evacuation modelling of Occupants
  • Structural Fire Modeling of Structures
  • Fire Safety Training
  • Development of Fire Emergency and Evacuation Plans
  • Site Inspection, Testing & Commissioning
  • Blast impact analysis due to terrorist events etc 

Our Projects: